The surroundings

plage de Montcocu en septembre myosotis celon
In September, at the Montcocu river-beach
plage de Montcucu entre falaises et forêts
The Montcocu river-beach, interposed with cliffs and forests. 20 minutes from Les Myosotis.
  • The Montcocu river-beach, campsite and inn
  • Châteaux, noteworthy villages and historical sites, river-bathing…
église du Menoux
The ceiling of the church in Les Menoux, 9 km from Les Myosotis and accessible on foot from Les Myosotis via a marked trail.
plafond de l'église du Menoux à 9 km des Myosotis, parcours de randonnée
My photos of the church are certainly worse in quality than those you will find here, where you will also find information about their creator.
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